Join the Affiliate Program


Earn commission for recommending businesses and pet owners to become part of The Pet Community

The Pet Community is currently trying to expand it’s reach as far as possible to make sure everyone has access to find the services they require for their pets

We offer our affiiates the opportunity to earn 50% commission from each paid plan, on our annual premium plan this would be $125!

We also provide a 30 day cookie duration just in case your referral gets distracted or needs some time.

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Ways to earn

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Earn per review


Reviews are an important part of The Pet Community.

We value each and every review that is contributed toward creating the best pet community we possibly can and because of this we have decided to provide commission for each review created through our affiliate program.

Paying 50c (and recurring) for each review!

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Earn for business sign-ups


The pet community relies on businesses to provide essential services such as veterinary, grooming, stores, exercise and training.

Each business needs a platform to showcase their skills and reputation, the pet community allows each business to show what sets them apart.

You’re able to earn up to $125 commission on every business that you refer to The Pet Community.

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Earn 10% from referrals


If you refer someone else to sign up to the pet community affiliate program you will also receive 10% of their commissions.

For example:
If Joe earns $125 commission and you referred Joe to us then you will get $12.50 too.
Just another way to earn.

Although you won’t earn any extra from anyone Joe refers to us.

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Get Paid


Unlike some other referral programs we don’t have a minimum payment threshold.
We pay you for the commission you have earned and deserve to receive.

Get paid securely through Paypal at the start of each month.

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Existing affiliates of The Pet Community can log in here.