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Did you know that you can earn 50c per review that your pet pals add to The Pet Community? (Yes, they can add more than one!)
Simply register below then send all your pet pals a referral link to our website!

Each time someone leaves a review with your link your balance will keep adding up and up (until payday)
Just imagine all the new fancy pet toys you could buy with some free cash

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Earn per review


Reviews are an important part of The Pet Community.

We value each and every review that is contributed toward creating the best pet community we possibly can and because of this we have decided to provide commission for each review created through our affiliate program.

Get paid 50c (and recurring) for each review!

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Get Paid


Unlike some other referral programs we don’t have a minimum payment threshold.
We pay you for the commission you have earned and deserve to receive.

Get paid securely through Paypal at the start of each month.

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