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Murray Street Veterinary Clinic & Hospital Vet

330 Murray St, Colac VIC 3250

Murray Street Veterinary Clinic & Hospital is featured on The Pet Community as a trusted provider of vet services.

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Murray Street Veterinary Clinic & Hospital garners an array of feedback from their clientele. Some customers feel the burden of the cost, especially when grappling with grief. However, the overarching sentiment is positive, praising the team's impeccable service, outstanding communication, and genuine care. Vets Caroline and David receive special mentions for their in-depth explanations, useful advice, and comforting reassurances. The home euthanasia service, provided by Dr. Caroline and Michelle, is described as professional and empathetic, making a distressing experience more bearable. The team's compassionate response to their clients' emotions is highly appreciated.
Last Updated: 2023-10-18

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  • rod moore
    Reviewed on Google

    Holding a cremation that’s been paid to ransom till the rest of bull is paid which they didn’t didn’t resolve issue till to late that required dog to be put to sleep ….. seems all this service thinks about is money money money … no thought for the grievance of a pensioner

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  • Julia Borsos
    Reviewed on Google

    Highly recommend – always an amazing service by the team at Murray St Vet. I’ve been taking our doggos here for years for a range of general and emergency appointments, including surgical procedures, some routine, others more urgent. I especially appreciate the excellent communication of vets Caroline and David who always take the time to explain their findings, provide helpful tips and also to provide reassurances when we are worried about our doggos. Thank you!

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  • E
    Reviewed on Google

    The best experience we could’ve hoped for. Dr.Caroline and Michelle came out to our home to euthanise our dear old kelpie girl. They were very professional with the right amount of empathy needed to get us through the awfully distressing ordeal. Thank you Caroline for making it a peaceful experience.

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  • Murray Street Veterinary Clinic & Hospital

    Thank you for your kind words Jenny. We are so glad we could help Bella.

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