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Rhiannon’s Devine Pet Grooming Grooming

Gosnells WA 6110, Australia

Rhiannon’s Devine Pet Grooming is featured on The Pet Community as a trusted provider of grooming services.

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Rhiannon's Divine Pet Grooming has been lauded for its exceptional services, particularly by owners of anxious pets. Rhiannon, the lead groomer, is praised for her endless patience and gentle, kind approach that eases pets through the grooming process. Customers have specifically highlighted her dedication to making the experience as comfortable as possible, which sets her apart from other groomers. The business also receives high marks for its excellent customer service and good value for money. Many customers have expressed their intention to return and would recommend Rhiannon's Divine Pet Grooming to anyone in need of her services.
Last Updated: 2023-10-18

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  • Tracey

    Rhiannon is an excellent groomer with endless patience. One of my dogs is extremely anxious and screams her way through being groomed- Rhiannon is gentle, kind and always tries to make it as easy for my Brandy as possible.
    Absolutely returning, its hard to find a groomer who cares so much about your pets as Rhiannon does.
    Would recommend to anybody with an anxious pet or otherwise.

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  • Kallen

    great customer service, and good value for money I would highly recomend Rhiannon to groom anybodies pet

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