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  • Leonardo

    During the COVID outbreak, we rescued a three-year-old Siberian Husky my wife and I realized that our sweet girl, Sugar, arrived with some behavioral problems. Sugar is protective of food, her bed and her toys and has the ability to become quite aggressive when we enter into any of the above zones. It was clear we needed some professional help. From the moment Gaby Popper entered our home I realized a shift in Sugar’s behavior. Gaby is the real deal, he truly has an excellent way of communicating with animals and a deep understanding of their behavior. I was astonished that Sugar’s changed in such a short time. Mr. Popper spent two hours sharing many nuggets of valuable information, which we are now implementing in our everyday routine. After the session Gaby put together a comprehensive tailored report on Sugar, which included a list of instructions to follow so that we can become the owners that Sugar deserves. It’s been three days since Mister Popper’s dog training visit and I have already started to notice positive changes in Sugar’s behavior. More importantly, I feel I have the confidence, knowledge and correct approach to put Gaby’s plan into action! Mr Popper, thank you so much. You will see Sugar and me in your next group dog training class

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