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Salisbury Hwy Vets and Whites Rd Clinic Vet

130 Salisbury Hwy, Salisbury SA 5108, Australia

Salisbury Hwy Vets and Whites Rd Clinic is featured on The Pet Community as a trusted provider of vet services.

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Visitors to Salisbury Hwy Vets and Whites Rd Clinic have often expressed their appreciation for the prompt and professional service, especially when holidaying in Adelaide with pets. The clinic's friendly and thorough approach has been applauded, particularly in cases of emergency consultations. Pet owners have been particularly reassured by the ease at which their pets return to their usual happy selves, a testament to the high-quality care and comfort provided by the clinic.
Last Updated: 2023-10-18

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  • Jasmine

    We are on holiday in Adelaide & the vet was able to fit us in for an emergency consult. He was very friendly & thorough. Our dog Bear was at ease & back to his usual happy self in no time. Thank you

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