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  • Colette

    We adopted a very old Pink and Grey Galah when an elderly neighbour passed away. He came with a horrible old cage. We knew he deserved a better life, so went around all of the usual pet shops and super stores. There were surprisingly few really big cages. Our garden is too small for a proper aviary but we wanted to get him the best that we could.

    I found Coops and Cages through Google. the prices were a lot lower than my local shops here in Perth, WA. We picked the largest bird cage available. It was a gamble, but we took the risk and I am glad that we did. It has been at least a year since we received the cage – and it is really good. It is very sturdy He has plenty of room to move around and he can climb up and down the bars with ease. Different areas for food dishes makes it more interesting too.

    I am a happy customer with a happy bird! Service was prompt and the price was good. Thank you

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